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Interior Design Living Rooms

Living room is a room that plays important role in your house. When a guest comes, you will receive them in the living room. So, if the room is set ordinary or even looks so messy, nobody

Bathroom Closet Ideas and Functions for You to Know

At this point of time, there are quite a lot of bathroom closet ideas can be found. It is too bad that many people still do not get about what it actually the main function of this

Best Color to Combine with Wood Flooring in Bathroom

Using wood flooring in bathroom is not always about the best type of wood flooring that you can choose. Instead, it can also be about some color options that you can combine with the flooring in order

Living Room Carpet Ideas

Putting a carpet in your living room can add a warm feeling to the room. Your living room will felt so cozy that when a guest comes to your house, s/he will stay longer than s/he plans

Living Room Chandeliers

If you intend to buy a chandelier for your living room, you should consider classic living room chandeliers. These kinds of chandelier will add a luxury and classy look to your living room because the chandeliers seems

Roomy Basement Living Room Ideas

Basement is a part of a home that is often forgotten to adorn. Do you know that basement can evoke certain uniqueness if it is employed and decorated properly? For instance, having quality togetherness can be done