Creative Living Room Furniture Configurations

A good living room must have good furniture configuration. Good furniture configuration makes the living room tidy, balanced, and nice for eyes. Aiming to give you some inspirations, here we share some creative living room furniture configurations you can adopt. First of all, it is U arrangement. This arrangement or configuration focuses on the sofa or couch. The sofa or couch is arranged into U shape. Then, the other furniture, such as shelf, desk, drawer, and more can be arranged nearby. Another creative furniture configuration is side by side furniture. You can place the sofa face to face meanwhile on the back of each sofa you put the other furniture. This configuration is appropriate for small living room. The next furniture configuration is a crescent configuration. You can set the furniture, especially the sofa and couch in a form of crescent moon or a half circle. You can put them against the windows or facing the window.