How to Determine it is Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Modern siding is designed to last for several years before it needs to be replaced. Most people only replace the siding of their home when severe weather strikes, even though there is clear evidence that upgrading the siding can be of vital importance in preserving the value of the home, and the comfort of the occupants. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining when to replace the home’s siding.

The Age of the Siding

House siding is open to the elements, facing everything from violent winds to harsh sunlight for years, if not decades, on end. This result is considerable wear on the surface of the siding, eventually leading to degraded performance and appeal.

Look through the warranties that came with the home purchase or construction. If the warranties are either non-existent or lapsed, then it may be time to replace them with something that is guaranteed to function for some time to come.

Beyond warranties, newer models offer improved fire protection, giving you some breathing room if a neighbor’s house was to burn in an unfortunate accident. Every little bit of protection helps in these turbulent times we live in.

Increased Heat Retention

The last decade has made it clear to the average home owner that the winters will become colder, and the summers more intense. This places great emphasis on helping your home’s environmental control systems cope with the extreme temperature conditions.

Look for siding with high R-Values (Retention values,) this means that it limits the amount of heat that can go through the siding in either direction. While it is impossible, and unhealthy to even consider, completely sealing off a home, it is conceivable to limit the amount of heat that can make its way both into and out of the home.

Physical Appeal

A good looking home will sell for more than one that looks like it needs a great deal of tender, loving, care. Fresh siding can transform the initial impression of a home from blasé to delighted, on account for the numerous options available on the market. To determine whether or not your home is due for a face-lift, go around the neighborhood and look at the newer homes. Does the siding on these buildings look different than yours? If so, you may be using an outdated model that few would want to deal with.

Updated siding can easily restore thousands of dollars to a home’s resell value, making it a worthwhile investment regardless of your goal for the dwelling. It also can be used as a tax deduction in certain jurisdictions.

Do not wait until mother nature forces you to upgrade. By doing it now, you can obtain a better looking home that is more weather resistant, and offers better protection against the fickle hand of fate. Check with an expert at your local home improvement store, and see what can be done to improve the siding of your home today!