Modern Bedroom Color Schemes for Men and Women

Bedroom is a private room which becomes the reflection or representation of the owner’s personality. Considering that, it is very necessary to pick the color scheme which fits to your own personality and interest. For men, modern bedroom may be very masculine in solid industrial colors, such as black, brown, maroon, and taupe. Those modern bedroom color schemes emphasize the strong personality of men. To make it more attractive, you can install some furniture in almost the same color with the wall color. Yet, if you want something more powerful, you can choose contrastive colors for the furniture, such as white, silver, red, blue, or any other else. For women, modern bedroom will look very attractive in pastel colors, such as mint, peach, pink, baby yellow, purple, and baby blue. The pastel colors can show the femininity in such a cheerful way. Those colors can be combined with such solid colors, for example white, brown, green, and more.