Roomy Basement Living Room Ideas

Basement is a part of a home that is often forgotten to adorn. Do you know that basement can evoke certain uniqueness if it is employed and decorated properly? For instance, having quality togetherness can be done in a living room in a basement. Thus, basement living room ideas are needed to make it comfortable. One of the flaws of a basement is its lack of lighting and air circulation. To end up with this, you can put a hanging fan on the ceiling and add some lamps, either table lamps, wall-lamps, or hanging ones. If it is necessary, you can put an AC in the room. Choose light and warm color in the basement such as light brown or white. Place the furniture right on the side of the wall, not in the center; to make the room seems wider. If you need carpets, you can choose the plain and large one to make it look spacious. Enjoy exploring your basement!