The Top 3 Boy Bedroom Paint Ideas

Boy bedroom is different from girl bedroom in the matter of wall color schemes. Girl bedroom can accept more palettes than boy bedroom. Considering that, you must have enough references about boy bedroom paint ideas before choosing the best paint color for your little boy’s bedroom. The first paint idea you can adopt is dark color scheme. Dark colors like black, navy blue, deep brown is very nice for boy bedroom. To give more variation you can attach such wall decoration which has contrastive colors. The next idea is fierce red color. Red is a symbol of bravery. Boy bedroom will look unique with red paint. However, in order to avoid too much red color in one room, you can add such printed pattern or mural on the wall. The last paint idea for boy bedroom suggests monochromatic bright colors, such as white, beige, and cream. Those colors are easy to combine with bedroom furniture and accessories.